How I Work

I offer a warm supportive, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore your concerns. As an integrative practitioner I have been trained in several different modalities. I am able to draw from a range of established and contemporary therapeutic theories and methods allowing flexibility in my approach to respond to your individual needs.


My approach is relational and psychodynamic which means the therapeutic relationship forms an important part of the therapeutic process, where I will invite curiosity around what occurs within and between us to gain understanding of unconscious processes and dynamics. We will explore your present and past relationships and experiences to develop a deeper awareness of personal patterns and beliefs and their potential impact.


Whilst I understand how early experiences help shape who we are; influencing our sense of self, capacity for emotional regulation and how we function in relationships, I also believe in our capacity for change, given the right conditions. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to witness, reflect on and revise our relational patterns or fixed ways of being as well as encourage our natural instinct to grow, heal and find meaning in our lives.


My practice embraces an embodied approach paying close attention to the present moment; exploring sensations, feelings, thoughts and dreams to deepen awareness of a psychological process and inform therapeutic interventions. I am interested in how our bodies contain and express experiences of trauma, conflict and psychological pain which can be worked with in therapy to access or understand our emotions as well as promote greater mind/body integration.


I consider therapy to be a collaborative and creative process where we will explore your situation together. I might; offer insight, challenge you or suggest alternative perspectives, enabling you to facilitate change but without being overly directive. Sometimes I employ mindful or creative exercises where this feels helpful or relevant to the work.